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Jon Reed Profile picture for user jreed April 18, 2017
Let's make it official: Acumatica is now a diginomica premier partner. While we're at it - why the fuss about multi-cloud? And how should we define modern ERP? Here's how Acumatica weighs in.

Acumatica has been a supporter of diginomica since our first months. Today, we make it official. CEO Jon Roskill's Don’t bring your data silos into the ERP cloud marks the debut of Acumatica as a diginomica premier partner.

Diginomica and Acumatica always had plenty in common. Diginomica is determined to re-invent and make our stamp on enterprise media, Acumatica has a similar ambition when it comes to enterprise software.

It may seem odd that the ERP moniker is so durable given today's digital obsessions. But diginomica now partners with a slew of forward-thinking firms that are changing the ERP value proposition. Acumatica fits well here.

These firms might all define the ERP differently - some might not even favor the term. However you slice it, modern ERP bodes well for customers weary of maintaining legacy customizations  - and the worrying specter of technical debt.

How do we define modern ERP?

So what are the characteristics of modern ERP? We could make a long list, but I'd highlight:

  • SaaS deployment, with near-painless upgrades to latest version
  • plays nice with others (loads of APIs and pre-built integrations)
  • modern, web-friendly UI, easy to consume across devices
  • flexible licensing options
  • apps platform and ecosystem for easy extensions, app building and consumption
  • industry-specific solutions delivered by vendor or partner

Acumatica has strong views on all of the above. You'll be able to read their cloud commentary and customer stories on a regular basis here. For a deeper look into their approach, check the Acumatica.com blog, including a recent fave, Platform Eats the World: An Interview with Esteban Kolsky and Ajoy Krishnamoorthy.

Modern ERP should openly support integration with other SaaS solutions - even competitors. This leads us to Roskill's first blog post, Don’t bring your data silos into the ERP cloud. Acumatica has been out front in support of "multi-cloud" environments.

Multi-cloud invokes a definitions debate - and also buzzword overload. Roskill explains why the concept matters, whether you call it multi-cloud or not. To me, it's about customer choice over vendor lock-in. Roskill also advises readers on flexible licensing - a topic on many customers' minds given the surge of IoT data, and controversies around ERP audits and indirect licensing.

Diginomica has a field day mocking buzzword oversaturation. Worry not, Acumatica doesn't take the buzzword lexicon too seriously - check Roskill's satirical Acumatica.com post, The “Hyper Converged Hybrid Cloud” and the MultiCloud World. Still, Acumatica's approach, including flexible deployment options, generates heated responses. That debate helps us all.

Acumatica's customers hail from what Roskill's has coined the abandoned ERP midmarket. Here's a few customer writeups we've done if you want a closer look:

Again, welcome to Acumatica. We look forward to many frank and cloudy discussions.


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