Welcome to Software AG

Profile picture for user jreed By Jon Reed August 18, 2020
The problem of integration goes as far back as enterprise software itself. Software AG continues to tackle this in new and creative ways. Now, diginomica readers will be able to gain from their field views.


Ever since we founded diginomica, we've walked the transformation tightrope. As much as we believe in the imperative of business transformation, we're wary of digital transformation overhype.

Software vendors get into trouble when they drizzle their marketing literature with transformation, but neglect their own internal need for change.

That's why it's a pleasure for us to welcome Software AG as a diginomica partner. Software AG is a storied technology company, headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, with over 10,000 customers globally. They have a deep-rooted passion for solving that thorny problem of integration at scale. Now, Software AG is itself undergoing a transformation.

How are they pulling it off? That's a question we'll revisit often; Den Howlett delved in with Software AG hits its Q2 mark as customers respond to accelerated change. We speak with CEO Sanjay Brahmawar. Fifty years of software experience is an asset; the danger is getting comfortable while upstarts make moves.

Cost effective integration is even more urgent than it was fifteen years ago. Back then, Software AG was blazing trails with SOA and business process modeling. Software AG is still solving integration problems today — but with a different approach. Den quotes Brahmawar:

We're not standing still. Our customers are operating in hybrid environments and we've containerized for AWS and Azure. That brings a tremendous amount of infrastructure savings for customers, but at the same time, they can keep all those applications that they develop, and still keep running, something that, when combined with a subscription model massively reduces cost, moves customer cost out of capex to opex and de-risks the decision process. Three year subscription with one year cancellation is welcomed by our customers.

But how are those digital wins accomplished in the field? Software AG will reveal those lessons on diginomica. No better place to start than the problem of modern integration. In Software AG's diginomica debut, Dr. Stefan Sigg explains why today's service meshes fall short, despite the tech hype: API integration of microservices needs more than a service mesh.

One of the biggest complaints I get from end customers: vendors push solutions like "dynamic integration" without explaining how to get started on that path. That certainly applies to APIs and microservices, where early pilots can give way to daunting proliferation. Sigg addresses that in his piece, sharing four field tips for managing microservices.

Software AG will have plenty to share in the coming months, including field views from their IoT projects. Software AG's IoT pursuits are powered by their 2017 Cumulocity acquisition, now called Cumulocity IoT. IoT tends to be a sprawling topic. To sharpen insights, Software AG will give diginomica readers a deeper IoT industry view, from manufacturing to retail.

But let's face it: amidst a pandemic, no one cares about tech innovation for its own sake. If, however, you can apply that to business resilience, with functionality designed for "the new abnormal" we all strive to work in — well, that breaks through the tech noise.

Those are the stories Software AG wants to tell. Get a flavor from diginomica contributor Jessica Twentyman's recent use case, IoT is icing on the cake for Göbecke Bakery's back-to-work strategy. We don't need IoT; we need a resilient way of coming through for our customers. Jessica quotes the Göbecke Bakery on Software AG's social distancing smart badges:

So I can log in on my iPad and see who is getting too close to each other, at which time of day. It might be the two girls in the pastry shop, or two staff baking bread in the back. And then we can talk to our employees and say, 'OK we have to make this environment work, so we all need to change our behavior.' It helps with our awareness, because we are a family business, we all know each other very well and our rooms here are quite small, so it's good to have a reminder that we all need to take a step back.

Is it surreal to wear beeping safety badges? Perhaps. But what's the value of getting fresh bread to customers sick of stale quarantine loaves? To paraphrase an old advertisement, that's just about priceless. We look forward to reading more stories of resilience, with Software AG's particular blend of classic and new. Welcome Software AG.