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Welcome to Pure Storage - taking on enterprise data challenges with smart, sustainable solutions

Derek du Preez Profile picture for user ddpreez February 28, 2023
diginomica welcomes Pure Storage to our partner family, a company that’s focused on providing smart data platforms for buyers, that are also the sustainable choice.


Increasingly enterprise buyers are faced with difficult decisions about how best to manage, use and understand their data. ‘Data is the new oil of the digital economy’ is what companies have been repeatedly told, and yet they often don’t have the modern systems and platforms in place to utilize this valuable asset to the best of their ability. In fact, rather than being the valuable resource it should be, managing data is often costly, cumbersome and slow. 

Coupling this with the macroeconomic trends we are seeing in the market, where organizations are facing increased energy costs, a shortage of skills and rapid inflation - data platforms and data center strategies can quickly become a headache for technology leaders.  

As such, it’s not hard to understand why a company like Pure Storage is attracting attention from buyers that are looking to tackle their ‘data challenge’ from a number of complementary viewpoints. 

Pure Storage believes that the days of hard disk in the data center are over. Organizations that don’t take advantage of its all-flash solutions, argues CEO Charles Giancarlo, are not only choosing the more expensive option, but also the most energy intensive option. 

Democratizing flash storage for companies that are struggling with their data platform needs means opening up the possibility for buyers to get access to systems that are smarter, have a lower total cost of ownership, are easier to work with, and are more sustainable. 

Pure Storage’s most recent earnings highlighted that the company’s subscription revenue grew 30% year-over-year, surpassing $1 billion for the first time, which points to the company’s opportunity at the moment. 

Sustainability is front of mind

Whilst Pure Storage is fundamentally a company that aims to provide organizations with smarter data platforms, it’s also prioritizing sustainability at the core of its offering. 

recent survey conducted by Pure, which fielded responses from 1,000 sustainability program directors across the US, UK, France and Germany, found that most (78%) said that their company’s leadership is treating sustainability initiatives as a priority. However, whilst the majority said that they plan to meet sustainability goals within three to seven years (56%), only half (51%) of those surveyed said that they are on track to meet their goals. 

And whilst 86% of sustainability program managers agree that companies cannot reach their sustainability goals without significantly reducing their technology infrastructure energy usage, some 81% predict the impact of this infrastructure on a company’s carbon footprint will increase in the next 12 months. 

Pure Storage says that its products use up to 85% less energy than other competitive all-flash storage systems - and it’s a message that’s resonating with buyers. Take the example of the Admiral Group, a UK insurance company that has committed to reaching net zero emission by 2040. 

Admiral adopted Pure Storage to help it better handle and back up large amounts of financial services data, but it has also been able to aid its sustainability goals by slashing data center power and cooling costs by 74% and reducing power consumption by 56%. 

The Storage Technical Lead on Admiral’s Platform Services Team, , Barrie Dyer, says:

We looked at the tools in the market and decided what would be best for us for was something that was not just leading edge, but bleeding-edge, as there was a clear need to modernize our data systems to drive a better digital customer experience and put data at the center of everything we do, to give our customers the best possible pricing in the market, plus help us maintain a number one position.

And it’s that sort of customer story that speaks to the heart of what makes Pure Storage so compelling in 2023. We look forward to diving into more of these enterprise data use cases over the coming months. 

In the meantime, join us in welcoming Pure Storage to the diginomica partner family! 

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