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Profile picture for user ddpreez By Derek du Preez June 4, 2019
MongoDB joins the diginomica partner line-up, leading the charge in the NoSQL database market and putting developers at the heart of its strategy.

Today we introduce MongoDB as a new diginomica partner. MongoDB is the first premier partner to join the diginomica family in the NoSQL database category - highlighting its leading position in the market and the significant role it plays in the developer community.

However, what has driven MongoDB’s success has not only been its focus on listening to and making the lives of developers easier, but also its understanding of data-driven decision making in digital enterprises.

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We’ve been following MongoDB for a number of years now and have seen the company grow and mature into one of the key components in an enterprise’s data architecture. Last year at its annual user summit in New York I noted how the conversations I was having were not only with developers about the ins and outs of the platform, but were also with the C-Suite about the value being brought by the technology to their wider digital strategy.

The NoSQL database market has grown in popularity in recent years, as companies come to the realization that modern web applications aren’t necessarily suited to traditional relational database approaches. A quick search on diginomica and you will see how some of the largest companies in the world are shifting away from relational models to better support their digital environments.

However, not all NoSQL vendors are built the same. And MongoDB’s document-driven model has proven to be resilient, flexible and popular. Not only this but it has accelerated an API strategy that makes sense and has seen huge growth in its Atlas Cloud product. Following the company’s IPO in October 2017, MongoDB CEO Dev Ittycheria has expressed confidence in the company’s leading position. Last year he told diginomica:

Candidly, I think four years ago when I got here, there was a lot of talk about how we were doing relative to the other NoSQL vendors - today we don’t talk about them. We frankly think that they’re becoming less and less relevant. I don’t say that out of hubris, I just say that because we are much bigger than them, we are growing faster than them, the size of our community is significantly larger.

However, at the centre of MongoDB’s story, and the thing that has remained consistent, is its focus on understanding the needs of developers and their role in the enterprise. As Ittycheria has previously told us:

A lot of things have changed. Developers want a tool or a database platform that really enables their productivity. There’s a reason why there is so much interest, because people feel like they’re so liberated and invigorated by being able to use a platform like MongoDB. We want to own the heart and soul of the developer.

Why is the developer story important? Because they have increasing influence in how technology decisions are made and how technologies are ultimately adopted and monetised. The more you’re considered to be developer friendly, the more influence you have.

Keep an eye out for MongoDB’s first partner piece appearing exclusively on diginomica on Thursday this week.