Welcome to Celonis - helping organizations run effectively in an increasingly complex and digital world

Derek du Preez Profile picture for user ddpreez June 13, 2022
diginomica welcomes Celonis to our partner family, a company that uses Execution Management to help organizations both understand their process problems and apply fixes continuously.


Throughout the past decade or so, we have seen organizations understand the power of ‘digital’ and migrate their systems and processes to cloud-based solutions, changing how companies operate and how we as consumers interact with products and services. 

However, all too often the promised ‘nirvana’ of digital is never truly realized, as the processes that existed previously were simply lifted and shifted into these new, modern environments. Pain points that were there before persisted, despite the processes now being ‘digital’

Chief Operating Officers spend their time trying to understand where gaps lie and where efficiencies can be gained, but with companies often having hundreds of intertwined systems and applications to run their business, streamlining processes is a challenging task. 

This is what makes Celonis, the latest company to join the diginomica partner family, so compelling. Celonis has gained a reputation for delivering huge efficiencies for its customers by using its Execution Management System to not only analyze the data from a company’s underlying systems to visualize processes and efficiencies, but also then providing the tooling to quickly apply fixes and automate these across all processes. 

As my colleague Phil Wainewright notes in his write-up today of Celonis’ recent event in London: 

For many years, enterprises have sought to automate their processes by making them digital. But in the past, that automation has often left gaps, either because the designers of the automation omitted certain steps or exceptions, or because requirements have changed since the original system was built. 

But one of the huge advantages of moving data out of paper-based systems and making it digital is that this then allows for automated analysis of that data. Today, the computing power exists to analyze all of the steps in those existing processes, find those gaps, and take steps to address them. 

Real-world results

As Celonis’ Chief Engineering Officer Vaishnavi Sashikanth notes in the company’s first piece of partner content for diginomica, this ability to deeply understand why processes aren’t working and apply fixes is helping organizations navigate a myriad of complex macroeconomic challenges in the world today - everything from skyrocketing inflation, to supply chain volatility and sustainability. 

Looking at inflation specifically as an example, organizations understand that they can’t keep passing costs on to their customers. It’s unsustainable. This means that they have to find ways to either boost employee productivity or reduce their own back-office costs - both of which can be achieved by improving process inefficiencies. 

And these aren’t just theoretical ideas or marketing promises. Celonis has the customer endorsements to back it up. Some examples include Deutsche Bank saying that it was able to use Celonis to help deliver over EUR 60 million in cost savings, just from improving the efficiency of 40 processes, and BP saying that the vendor’s process mining capabilities were key in helping it identify $2.5 billion in cost savings. 

Speaking at Celonis’ recent London event, electronics giant Brother also shared how Celonis is helping it to bring more process standardization across its European operations. Basil Fuchs, Head of Process Transformation at Brother, said: 

It very quickly became evident through the dashboard of Celonis, through the analytics, that across the marketplaces, we saw the same activity taking up to twice as long in one place versus the other ... 

We also looked at automation rates and, again, we were surprised to find that what we thought was an automated billing process had many manual interactions that cost us long delays.

In short, Celonis is exactly the sort of vendor that diginomica loves to engage with - one that is helping organizations solve their real world digital problems and proving its worth through public customer stories. Over the coming months we will be diving into these enterprise use cases further. 

In the meantime, join us in welcoming Celonis to the diginomica partner family! 

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