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Profile picture for user jreed By Jon Reed January 21, 2020
Why would diginomica partner with a user group? It's all about getting even closer to customers - and breaking down barriers between analysts, media, and the enterprise communities we are all supposed to serve.

ASUG Annual Conference
ASUG session in full swing at Sapphire Now 2019

Ever since we founded diginomica seven years ago, we've formed content alliances and relationships with vendor user groups.

Those communities have a consistent impact on our content. But while buyer advocacy is core to diginomica, we've never had a formal partnership with a user group - until now.

Today, we welcome ASUG, Americas' SAP Users' Group, as a diginomica premier partner. ASUG devotes considerable energy towards events and research that surface SAP community views - and CXO-level topics.

What can readers expect? For starters, you'll get regular content from ASUG leadership and SAP customers on diginomica. Much of that content will be relevant far beyond SAP. Take ASUG CEO Geoff Scott's kick off piece: The inevitable data disaster for enterprises – what the numbers show, and what to do about it. Scott warns readers:

It's not the technology tools that are the problem. It's the data feeding those tools. And for the most part, that data is bad. Dirty. Incomplete. Disconnected. Ungoverned.

Sound familiar? ASUG's research backs this up:

Research done for ASUG's Enterprise Information Management (EIM) event found that only 17% of finance professionals "feel extremely confident in the accuracy of the data in their reports." If there's one department you'd really want to feel rock-solid about the integrity of its data, shouldn't finance be near the top of that list?

Scott goes on to lay out key action items: addressing data ownership, conquering data silos. He quotes ASUG's Undercover CIO writer:

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding data ownership is that it should be the responsibility of IT teams.

Our work with ASUG will help to surface those types of sticking points - and ASUG will share what their members are doing to solve them. We'll have the chance to compare their research with our own data points, and surfacing fresh lessons in the process. Digital transformation only makes sense to us when it stems from customer priorities.

Beyond ASUG's own content, we'll be working more closely with ASUG on editorial coverage and events. Incorporating user group views into our SAP analysis will continue, but with more on-the-record comments than ever. You get a flavor for that in pieces like A considered view of SAP's Capital Markets Day, which I co-authored with diginomica colleague Den Howlett.

We'll also dig into important ASUG.com content, such as ASUG board member Ron Gilson's important series on putting SAP's new digital access licensing to the test at Johnsonville Sausage. Be aware this topic, while currently focused on SAP, has wider implications for other enterprise software vendors. 

It goes without saying that this a pivotal year for SAP - Den laid it out in SAP's FKOM message to the field - back to our roots. For SAP to overcome the challenges ahead and deliver, it will require a continued dialogue with community stakeholders. Some of that will happen behind closed doors - but we believe this dialogue should be driven by the transparency of open content. We're pleased that ASUG is on board with us to make that happen.

Does this mean we will emphasize ASUG views over other SAP user groups? Not at all. We see this as pushing ourselves to raise our user group engagement further - across the board. You can expect more collaborations with other SAP user groups as well, such as those we've done with the SAP UK & Ireland user group (SAP UKISUG) and DSAG, the German-speaking SAP user group. Down the road, you can expect more with user groups for other vendors also.

Enterprise content should be accountable to the communities it draws from. That's a far cry from the "let's go viral," buzzword-chasing tech journalism we strive to avoid every day. With partnerships like these, we have the opportunity to take our editorial alternative further. Welcome to ASUG.

Image credit - Feature image from ASUG Annual Conference 2019 ASUG Hub booth - via @asugDP Twitter stream

Disclosure - ASUG is a diginomica premier partner.