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Welcome to the Experience 4U event hub on diginomica. Unit4's X4U digital experience is live on November 16 - 17 2021 and registration is open now. 

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West Northamptonshire upgrades Unit4 ERP and moves to the cloud to create ‘beating heart’ of citizen services This article is sponsored by: X4U_Signature_Vertical_RGB.png

West Northamptonshire Council leads a shared service on behalf of a number of partner authorities. It is pursuing an integration strategy with its Unit4 ERP system to help get a 360 degree view of the citizen.

Customer experience IT concept hand reaching through screen © kiquebg - Pixabay

Experience4U - Unit4 CEO Mike Ettling on cloud adoption, and the non-negotiable principles of vertical ERP This article is sponsored by: X4U_Signature_Vertical_RGB.png

Unit4's analyst day in Boston provoked debate on X4U news. We also delved into Unit4's ERPx and cloud adoption numbers. Unit4 CEO Mike Ettling gave me his motivations for acquiring Compright, and how it fits into Unit4's vertical plans.

unit4 ceo mike ettling

Buying into SaaS – what really matters to a CIO? This article is sponsored by: Unit4 logo with tagline

Buying into SaaS platforms isn’t new, but many organizations still misunderstand what they’re getting into. Shivkumar Gopalan of Unit4 outlines what’s important (and what isn’t) and what's required from both the client and vendor to make it a success.

CIO looking at weighing scale on laptop, SaaS decision making concept © Rawpixel - Shutterstock
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