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Video discussion - how the rapid evolution of digital technology and AI is changing the customer experience

Matthias Goehler Profile picture for user Matthias Goehler August 23, 2023
In this video discussion, we hear from Zendesk's Matthias Goehler about the impact of fast-evolving digital technology, including AI, on customer experience and how businesses are adapting their CX strategies.

As digital technology continues its rapid evolution — now accelerated even faster by recent developments in AI — how are businesses taking advantage of its potential to enrich customer experience (CX)? In this video, Phil Wainewright, Co-Founder of diginomica, discusses the real-world impact of these powerful trends with Matthias Goehler, Zendesk EMEA Chief Technology Officer.

In his answers, Goehler expands on some of the striking research conclusions from the Zendesk CX Trends report 2023, which was based on findings gathered from surveying 5,000 business leaders, 5,000 companies, and 100,000 benchmarking data. The report zooms in on five key trends, including how conversational experiences and immersive CX are empowering consumers and how AI experiences are becoming more evolved and seamless.

Below are some key statistics on business and customer sentiment around AI from the CX Trends 2023 report:

  • 62% of business leaders feel their organization is lagging behind in the use of AI
  • 66% of EMEA businesses feel AI is becoming more natural and human-like 
  • 67% of EMEA business leaders and 72% of global leaders believe expanding the use of AI/bots across customer service is an important priority over the next 12 months
  • 69% of global businesses, 65% of EMEA business leaders and 71% of UK businesses believe AI will drive large cost savings.
  • 59% of EMEA businesses estimate a positive ROI on AI investments made for CX
  • Many of today’s consumers feel positive about the use of AI in customer service. 71% of US consumers said it’s important interactions feel natural and conversational when they get in touch with a company
  • 51% of EMEA consumers expect bots to provide the same level of service as humans. 

To learn more about customer sentiments around AI, and other leading customer service trends, download a personalized copy of Zendesk CX Trends 2023 report.

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