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Critical thinking goes better with coffee - why user events like ASUG Tech Connect matter This article is sponsored by: ASUG logo transparent 250x150px

Joshua Greenbaum has had enough of 'shut up and listen' events. He explains why we need more events like the upcoming ASUG Tech Connect - events that foster open conversations, and help customers make sense of rapidly evolving roadmaps.

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Adobe MAX - GenStudio harnesses generative AI for enterprise content workflows This article is sponsored by:

This week's Adobe MAX brought significant updates to Adobe Firefly's generative AI imaging capabilities, adding style matching, vector images, and templates, plus the launch of GenStudio to help enterprises apply the tech to marketing and content workflows.

Adobe Firefly generative match - Adobe product shot

Oktane 2023 - now Okta will log you out at the first sign your account has been hacked This article is sponsored by:

Okta brings generative AI to the security landscape with the launch of Okta AI at last week's Oktane 2023 conference, with an emphasis on threat protection and universal logout in the enterprise, as well as improving the consumer experience.

Todd McKinnon CEO Okta - Oktane 2023 screengrab

Can generative AI displace the enterprise UI? An unprompted debate with provocative implications This article is sponsored by:

The biggest enterprise debate of the Spring lurked right beneath the surface. So let's bring it out into the open - can generative AI displace enterprise UIs? If so, then software vendors better buckle up too as conventional licensing and product categories are right in AI's sights.


Superior customer mobile experience relies on intelligent behavior analytic solutions - here's why This article is sponsored by: Heap logo © Heap

The mobile mindset - Jack Schneider, Heap Product Manager, explains why businesses need the full perspective of user behavior on different channels and devices to understand and leverage the customer journey.

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