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TUCON preview with Murray Rode, COO TIBCO

Den Howlett Profile picture for user gonzodaddy October 14, 2013
How is TIBCO tackling the major challenges faced by customers and how is it making access to its products easier? Wat about the developer ecosystem story? Get some hints here.

Earlier today I met with Murray Rode, COO TIBCO to discuss a few of the major topics coming up in the next few days at TUCON 2013.

In this conversation we concentrated on three major points:

  1. Customer challenges as they relate to operationalizing 'big data' topics - how do industries such as telco, energy utilities, retail and financial services make sense of the data that's around them?
  2. Getting closer to the business but without losing the strategic relationships TIBCO maintains with the C-suite.
  3. The developer challenge - getting tools and services into the hands of developers as quickly as possible.

TIBCO will be talking about how industries are building a much more productive relationships with their customers using real time technologies, analytics and cloud services as a deployment option with the potential to create 'disposable' applications. In amongst this, TIBCO is talking about solving some of the toughest problems faced by their customers.

What about getting closer to the business rather than simply concentrating the engineering? Rode promises a new approach to making TIBCO more accessible using a 'try before you buy' approach. On the developer side, TIBCO has been working towards making access to developer tools as quickly as possible while maintaining its 'Switzerland' approach to broader business applications.

The prof of course will come from the customer reference. Watch this space as the conference unfolds.

For my more detailed preview, check this story.

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