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Enterprise Hits and Misses - we debate the impact of AI on digital teamwork and content marketing, while Apple Vision Pro goes full dystopian This article is sponsored by:

This week - generative AI use cases in digital teamwork and content marketing get a closer look... Which one am I bullish or grouchy about? AI doomsday can wait, but the breaches prove deep fakes are here now. Meanwhile, Apple Vision Pro antics go viral, but is this spatial computing, or fan servicing? Read on...


Digital media disruptions #24 - LinkedIn changes its content algo, thought leadership gets demystified, and email wins This article is sponsored by:

Why do buyers value thought leadership content - and marketers fail to create it? Will LinkedIn's algorithm tweak favor your efforts? And can AI help with engaging B2B readers, without alienating them? Here's my rundown.

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Digital media disruptions 22 - assessing B2B paywalls, Facebook's algo, and the changing rules of SEO This article is sponsored by:

In this edition - what can enterprises learn from B2B subscription paywalls? Plus: data shows how Facebook's algo has shifted away from news and B2B. SEO rules get an update with voice search on the way, and we learn from Netflix's highs and lows.


"I get to review this before you publish it, right?" A media day botch job we all need to avoid This article is sponsored by:

In our line of work, there's nothing more awkward than the phrase "Can I review this before publication?" We all need more customer use cases. Here's ten tips to avoid the gotchas - and ensure a great experience for the customer.


Changing the media business in real-time - Domo and beyond with the Washington Post, ESPN, Univision and more This article is sponsored by:

Mainstream media is struggling with trust problems, but on the business model side, there are encouraging signs. During a customer-moderated panel, Domo customers Univision, The Washington Post, ESPN and The New York Times shared their transformations.

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