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Sapphire Now 2018 - How the Queensland Treasury is using SAP Leonardo to predict tax delinquency This article is sponsored by:

You might not think of a tax collection office as a hotbed of digital transformation - neither did I. But the story of how Queensland Treasury is using SAP predictive analytics to spark their client-focused culture turned into a Sapphire Now 2018 standout.


Sapphire Now 2018 - SUGEN on SAP's intelligent enterprise, and what customers need from SAP to get there This article is sponsored by:

Amidst the Sapphire Now fanfare of C/4HANA and the intelligent enterprise, the burning question is: does it resonate with customers? In this diginomica exclusive, we air the views of the SUGEN leadership team, representing user groups from Australia, UK/Ireland, France, and the Netherlands.


Sapphire Now 2018 - bridging the tech divide by getting youth the digital skills they need This article is sponsored by:

Amidst the Sapphire Now frenzy, I had a memorable chat with the non-profits in the SAP's Bridge the Tech Divide program. These companies overcome daily barriers to get under-represented youth the skills they need to succeed. It's not easy, but the light bulb moments are worth it.

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