S/4HANA cloud customers emerge - a video review and analysis This article is sponsored by:

At Sapphire Now, we had a couple of S/4HANA Cloud customers drop by the studio. Their stories shed light on how customers are using the S/4HANA Cloud, including the notable impact of extensibility on the SAP Cloud Platform. They didn't, however, settle a debate on whether S/4HANA Cloud was downplayed at this year's event.


SAPPHIRENow 2017 - indirect access, a topic that refuses to die This article is sponsored by:

Almost every conversation with SAP, its customers and partners had some tinge of indirect access. To its credit, SAP was up front about where it is at. User groups smell opportunity but each has a different approach. Customers are the ones who are left head scratching. We separate the noise from the signal on this discussion.

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SAP's Business Beyond Bias ambitions - SuccessFactor's Patti Fletcher gives a live SAPPHIRENow update This article is sponsored by:

SAP's Business Beyond Bias is one of its most compelling initiatives. The problems it aims to tackle are vital to modern business but hardly easy to solve. At Sapphire Now 2017, SAP SuccessFactor's Patti Fletcher dropped by diginomica's video studio to talk about the program and how transformational change can happen. We also got into how SAP is integrating this into products and why algorithms are both hopeful and troubling.


SAPPHIRENow video review - SAP S/4HANA customers share their digital transformation pursuits This article is sponsored by:

We shot a bunch of customer use cases at Sapphire Now 2017. Of the video themes, one standout was mature S/4HANA customers, who can speak to the role S/4HANA has played in digital transformation and customer-facing pursuits. Here's an annotated roundup of a few of them.

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Enterprise hits and misses - quick hit Sapphire Now special, plus cyber insecurities via WannaCry This article is sponsored by:

In this special hit-and-run edition: a preview of SAP's high stakes Sapphire Now - and how to track it on diginomica. Plus: cybersecurity reckons with WannaCry (and Trump). Your whiffs include security questions of questionable value, and Facebook getting creepy with teen targeting.


SAP Cloud Platform: the multi-cloud (almost) realized - a SapphireNow 2017 tech preview This article is sponsored by:

The SAP Cloud Platform is quietly going through a multi-cloud evolution. Perhaps not so quietly, now that Dick Hirsch has put his research chops to the test. In this special Sapphire Now tech preview, Hirsch shares what he's uncovered, and why the SCP multi-cloud approach - properly realized - could give SAP an edge.

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