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Oracle OpenWorld 2018 - Birmingham City University replaces back office with Oracle Cloud in under 300 days This article is sponsored by:

The University, based in Birmingham, one of the UK’s largest cities, realised that it was getting its digital strategy very wrong. Focusing on the wrong things and falling behind its students expectations.

Birmingham City University Oracle

Oracle OpenWorld 2018 - Wells Fargo and Halliburton reap the benefits of consolidating on Oracle Exadata This article is sponsored by:

Although operating in two very different industries, both Wells Fargo and Halliburton spoke about not only cost savings, but operational benefits, in consolidating their hardware and software onto Oracle Exadata.

Wells Fargo Halliburton Oracle

Oracle OpenWorld 2018 - Gartner, who? CEO Mark Hurd gives his technology predictions for 2025 This article is sponsored by:

Hurd took to the stage this morning to deliver his keynote, during which time he poked fun at the analyst firms for being slow to recognise his predictions from 2015. Today he made some more forward looking statements that hint at Oracle’s direction.

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd
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