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Iceland’s tech clustering – a volcanic focus on fintech This article is sponsored by:

First part of a look at some of the IT ideas and developments coming out of a country of 375,000 souls that readily claims to be 1,000 km from anywhere. By using the clustering model – getting like- minded and complementary businesses together – it is getting to punch well above its weight.


Enterprise hits and misses - the ESG Economy needs better software, Amazon needs a better grocery strategy, and AI needs better guardrails This article is sponsored by:

This week - ESG vendors need to move beyond reporting - are they? ChatGPT supposedly has ethical guardrails, but does it? AI search heats up, Amazon's grocery play gets an omni-channel reality check, and I come in defense of... blockchain?


Enterprise hits and misses - AI hype vs real world use cases, enterprise earnings face headwinds, and buyers get a new BS detector This article is sponsored by:

This week - earnings reports are in, but so are layoffs. What conclusions can we draw? Generative AI hype has reached a fever pitch, but where are today's use cases? The Metaverse and NFTs get fresh analysis, and we polish our collective BS detectors.

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Enterprise hits and misses - Davos provokes debates it can't solve, and IT spending gets a consumer tech buzzkill This article is sponsored by:

This week - Davos stoked the fires of essential tech debates - now we have to solve them. Enterprise tech spending forecasts are still up, but downgraded by consumer tech woes (and layoffs). Can next-gen tech overcome practical (budget) barriers? Your whiffs include... pet fish abusing credit cards.


Enterprise hits and misses - AI adoption gets scrutinized, enterprise tech faces the headwinds, and ChatGTP freaks people out This article is sponsored by:

This week - AI adoption hits higher levels, but has ethics kept up? Enterprise vendors face the economic headwinds, with mixed results. ChatGPT provokes AI hyperbole, but the threat may be real. I concede an interesting blockchain use case, and go viral for the wrong reasons.


Sage Transform - can we tie finance software to the issue of digital trust? And does AI and blockchain play a role? This article is sponsored by:

The second day of Sage Transform featured an ambitious keynote by Sage CTO Aaron Harris. But did it work? And how does his picture of global change tie into finance teams? And yes, it's time to revisit Harris' views on blockchain.

Sage Intacct Aaron Harris keynote

Enterprise hits and misses - retailers get autonomous, blockchain gets real, and Google gets an anti-trust action from the U.S. This article is sponsored by:

This week - retailers buckle up for the holidays, and lay ambitious plans for 2021. Blockchain gets some real world use cases - and critiques. The U.S. files a landmark anti-trust lawsuit against Google. Your whiffs include my personal fave - parrots manipulating Alexa.

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