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Inside the Catena-X automotive industry consortium - the biggest story SAP isn't talking about (yet) This article is sponsored by:

A mysterious spring press release sparked my interest in SAP's low-profile automotive alliance, known as Catena-X. In this diginomica exclusive, we share an update on Catena-X. Could this automotive consortium, built on open standards, achieve a new model for industry collaboration?

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Automotive disruption revisited - the shift from car ownership to "mobile experiences" This article is sponsored by:

Are automotive incumbents doing enough to anticipate the disruption that's coming? And why is that much-flogged term "big data" integral to new automotive business models? How will changes from ownership to on-demand autos impact urban planning? These are a few of the questions I posed to investor, blogger, and book author Evangelos Simoudis in our chat wrap.


The automotive industry's big data opportunity - inside a new book on our driverless future This article is sponsored by:

Two years is a long time when it comes to the pace of automotive disruption. In my latest Q/A with Evangelos Simoudis, he gives us a look behind his new book on big data and the automotive industry. We get into the five cultural forces causing change in this sector, and why trends like mobility services present new risks and opportunities for carmakers.


Smith Systems on driver safety, autonomous vehicles, and cloud ERP with Intacct This article is sponsored by:

How is driver safety faring in the age of the autonomous vehicle? That's where my chat with Douglas M. Boughton, CFO of Smith System Driver Improvement Institute started. Then we moved on to discuss what he learned implementing cloud ERP with Intacct - including the hot issues of security, cloud integration, and revenue recognition.


Enterprise hits and misses - the UK rules against Uber, while robots deliver... Pizza? This article is sponsored by:

In this edition: the UK rules against Uber, and diginomica steps into the fray. But is ideology obscuring solutions? Plus: Walmart does open source and Jaguar does cloud HR. Robotic automation meets its match in... pizza delivery? Your whiffs include a fight with a pop-up purveyor that finally does the impossible: silences PR.

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