Some Sunday cheer for the WFH crowd

Profile picture for user gonzodaddy By Den Howlett April 5, 2020
Something to help cheer you up as we get used to the new abnormal

Occasionally I come across something worth sharing, usually on Twitter or LinkedIn. These two gems though are worth a wider audience. So - given many of us are in lockdown, WFH and might need a bit of cheering up - check these two out. 

The first comes via a Tweet from Andy Steer who got it from a person in Sweden called Erik Borälv:

covid-19 good chart worth viewing

That had me laughing. I hope it brings on the giggles for you too. 

The second comes from Chris Barbin, writing on LinkedIn:

While there has been LOADS of writing on WFH, I wanted to compile a top 10 list of some of my favorites so posted em here. Next week a post coming on leadership patterns cross industry.

The story he's referring to starts with this: 

As the former CEO of a global services company, a venture partner at GGV and a small business owner myself, I’ve experienced first-hand the benefits of a virtual workforce: access to a wider, more diverse talent pool; more productive and engaged people; and lower overhead costs. However, companies usually only experience those benefits with some serious forethought and planning. They have recruited and hired people who work well in a distributed, virtual environment, and have put in place the processes and tools to facilitate the collaboration and social interaction that teams need in the absence of physical proximity.

Unfortunately, thousands of companies are now experiencing this new operating model with very little preparation and under extreme duress. As Derek Thompson from The Atlantic wrote earlier this month, the coronavirus has created “a huge stressful experiment in working from home”, and while I think it will show many the value in the model, I fear it may drive many in the opposite direction once things return to normal. Whenever that may be.

He goes on to point out that we are ALL learning and presents resources he's found useful. Spin through them and take what you find the most helpful. There really is something for everyone. 

Chris knows remote working in and out as he was CEO of Appirio, one of our favorite services firms that supports the Salesforce community. 

Now back to abnormal programming...