Six of the best - your top spankingly well-read stories from 2018

Den Howlett Profile picture for user gonzodaddy December 17, 2018
We all have our favorite stories from 2018 but this selection is what our super advanced mind-bending AI came up with.

six of the best
As we think about winding down for what we hope will be a quiet and peaceful holiday season, we've used AI to discover six of the best pieces of content that readers enjoyed and came back to throughout the year. Queue music and...

Forget AWS Lambda, so long Kubernetes – this is the future of serverless  - Lee Atchison at partner New Relic sure knows how to wow the crowd and work his social mojo. No-one should be surprised when he comes out with pearls like:

AWS Fargate brings most of the value and convenience that AWS Lambda offers to a compute environment that is substantially less regulated and controlled. Containers can contain code written by anybody in any programming language and have nearly any amount of compute and memory requirement. Yet, with AWS Fargate, you can get the management ease and scalability advantages that have so far been limited to AWS Lambda. In other words … you get the best of both worlds.

It's a story that's still getting attention.

Trump steals the Brexit headlines, but the UK’s digital plans beg many questions for global trade - Stuart Lauchlan is not a fan of The Donald but he keeps his political leanings under control - just about:

With Trump’s behaviour dominating the news agenda today, the White Paper’s contents have been receiving less detailed attention than they probably should be getting. Instead it’s all about diplomatic controversy and wondering what happens when the President meets the Queen – not to mention the nappy-clad dirigible of Trump currently flying above London.

When the dust settles, the weekend will see another round of arguments within the UK Government – cross party arguments! – that will put the focus back onto whether this White Paper (a) delivers on the Brexit referendum result or (b) represents the softest possible Brexit and, as Trump believes, essentially anchors the UK to the EU.

And it ain't over yet.

SAP extends HCM on premise support to 2030 – smart move or major mistake? - I started the year with one of the long-running stories of the year

SAP still doesn’t ‘get’ cloud value – or if it does, then it remains largely clueless on selling the value of its core competencies to its most valuable customers. Despite all the talk and reported revenue line items, the fact it is extending on-premises support for a product that is now 35+ years old, with no stated functional improvements for another 5 years suggests to me that it has capitulated its ambitions to pull customers into the modern era. This doesn’t sound like the company that wants to own the innovation trophy by providing core functionality and then extending via modern cloud-based options.

Multiple deployment options abound in the Wild West of SAP implementations. Will it get better in 2019?

Moving away from Oracle database? You have got to be joking - Denis Pombriant put the cat among the pigeons with this one:

Moving away from your database vendor would be like cutting off a foot; self-destructive and painful. More to the point, building a me-too product and entering a full-on competition with the established leaders, is a significantly retrograde step with little tradition of success. Beyond the relational database, there are many new wrinkles that offer attractive niches such as virtual machines, bare metal servers, serverless technologies and micro apps. But I am not seeing a great deal of competition heating up in that space.

Amazon anyone?

AWS Lambda v Amazon ECS – two paths to one goal, which is best? - Lee Atchison AGAIN, this guy is a machine:

I believe AWS should support a hybrid service. That is, a service with the infrastructure opacity and ease of management that Lambda provides, but which allows the code that is executed to be written and executed within a container environment. This will allow the best of each offering: versatility of container-based applications with the simplified infrastructure management available from AWS Lambda. This would be the best of both worlds, and I hope AWS is considering such a service.

We just can't get away from talking about Amazon. 2019 will be similar.

Stephen Kelly ousted as Sage CEO after dismal results and faltering transformation - I scored again, this time for a UK-centric story with a sad backstory:

My sense then is that when taken together, the Sage board took the view that while Kelly had done a solid job in getting the transition underway, he wasn’t the right person to execute against that vision or to complete the transformation. And with a dismal outlook coupled with flaccid results, something had to give. It happens and I don’t think anyone should point the finger too easily without accounting (sic) for the massive hurdles Kelly faced or acknowledging the massive amount he achieved.

What makes this sadder is that Sage confirmed a CFO type as CEO a bit later. One for a PE takeout in 2019? We think so.


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