SAPPHIRE Now - the video collection

Profile picture for user gonzodaddy By Den Howlett June 5, 2014
We shot 10 videos with an emphasis on healthcare, which are now included as a playlist.

As in years past, SAP puts in a lot of work to ensure that Jon Reed and I have plenty of opportunity to get customers on camera. This year was no exception. We shot a total of ten conversations with a variety of customers but with an emphasis on healthcare.

The playlist is embedded but to give you a sense of what is included, here is a brief summary of what you can find in this compilation:

Personalizing healthcare at  Dartmouth - Using SAP HANA, Dartmouth is developing solutions that personalize health care while managing patient outcomes.

Dynamic discounting at Mediafly using Ariba - COO/CFO John Evarts explains the benefits of using Ariba Dynamic Discounting for Mediafly as it self funds projects.

Managing health risk at Memorial Care - Using HANA, Memorial Care is looking at solutions that will minimize outcome risks for patients

Roland Berger sticks with SAP Business ByDesign - despite its traumas, SAP Business ByDesign is alive and well at Roland Berger which continues to roll out the solution to countries around the world.

Chris Paine on building extensions to SuccessFactors - Building extensions to SuccessFactors means the user can have a similar experience to that they would have had if the extension was a native app. A bit like apps. Chris Paine explains.

Stanford University talks genome sequencing with SAP HANA - one of the early SAP HANA success stories is now bearing real fruit as Stanford advances the understanding of patterns in genome populations.

Hidrovias do Brasil switches from Amazon to SAP cloud - We tend to think of Amazon Web Services as the gold standard for cloud provisioning but what if you want more than Amazon can offer? Enter SAP cloud.

Johnson Controls talks SAP Center of Excellence - an example of how working with the right partners, in this case Infosys, helps build centers of excellence in support of SAP deployments.

David Delaney on the state of SAP Healthcare - want to know what SAP is up to in the healthcare field? Check in with David Delaney as he gives a progress report.

Where is the 10th you might's in production and this post will be updated just as soon as we can get it on YouTube.

It is especially good to see how HANA is being used to solve some of the most difficult problems in healthcare. It was surprising to hear that you can extend SuccessFactors in much the same way that you can build solutions on the platform.