Roll up roll up for Pardon the Disruption - 8th November

Profile picture for user gonzodaddy By Den Howlett October 30, 2013
How do you like your disruption? Served cold or hot and humming? If the latter then get ready to pile in on a webinar that will melt some minds yet delight others.


Hopefully readers will forgive the self pimping nature of this post but courtesy of our friends at Horses for Sources, I along with Jon Reed will be joined by Phil Fersht, Estaban Kolsky, Jonathan Yarmis and Bill Kutik for the 'Pardon the Disruption' webinar. Scheduled start time is 11am PT, 2pm EST.

If you don't know the others named in the line up then I suggest checking the resumés. Alternatively, some might argue this panel is the most belligerent bunch of no-nonsense whack jobs analysts anywhere in the known world. But seriously...these are all people that I admire for their honesty and insistence on a BS-free zone.

So what's the pitch and why would anyone be crazy enough to put this crew on the same (virtual) stage? Phil Fersht states it best:

Your company is essentially being run by a bunch of dysfunctional cost-obsessed idiots who have no idea how to do anything beyond manage up and somehow stay employed on vastly overpaid salaries.

Had enough? Time for some disruption therapy? Never fear, as help is finally here from five thoroughly disruptive doyens of dysfunctional disarray for a hour of refreshing chat, debate and more dysfunction, where we will peer into the future state of the enterprise for some clarity.

A lofty ambition but heck, who said disruption was easy?

Bring your own motion discomfort pills as this is sure to be a switchback ride. Also be aware that some of what is said may not be safe for work so if you are of the politically correct persuasion then this might NOT be the gig you want to tune into. To give you a a flavor of how ringmaster Reed plans to moderate this motley crew, I received an email with this:

I consider long winded bios a waste of webinar time, so my goal is to jump right in (I recently sat in on a Gartner webinar where it took almost ten minutes to get to the actual content - yuk).

OK readers rev yer engines, think about setting the panel some pesky questions and get ready to rock's a few example questions to get the juices flowing:

  1. What is disruption (too many people saying too many things, so what does it mean to the organization?)
  2. How can I take control over my career in this environment and maintain relevance?  What are the skills we need to develop to maintain a successful career track?
  3. Which corporate functions are going to suffer the greatest secular changes -  and where the opportunities?
  4. Which industries are being impacted by technological disruption - why are some more radical than others when it comes to dealing with change?
  5. Is this going to cost me my job (a more detailed view at who is impacted, and how)?
  6. As enterprises reduce their “core” and focus on the “extended”, is the 20 year corporate job officially on the wane?  Does this mean we should all become independent contractors?
  7. What will the enterprise world look like in 5-10 years time?
  8. Can the US stay ahead as the great innovator for global business, or is it time to share the spotlight?