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Wayfair's layoffs and reorganization cut losses, but full year revenue is still on the decline. Can the elusive Vaccine Economy operating model be found in 2024? This article is sponsored by:

Tiny revenue growth in Q4, but CEO Naraj Shah declares "a definitive step" on the journey back to profitability.


Enterprise hits and misses - CES brings enterprise lessons (and AI gadgetry), and OpenAI pleads its copyright case This article is sponsored by:

This week - CES brings a surprising dose of enterprise lessons - and the expected AI gadgetry (and whiffs). OpenAI makes its copyright case; I opine. The problem of AI overreach is in play as Rite Aid's facial recognition gaffes and overreaching "assistants" offer (too much?) advice.


Enterprise hits and misses - Adobe and Figma fall out, the EU AI Act is official, and the holiday retail economy leaves clues to decipher This article is sponsored by:

We kick off 2024 with our seat belts on, as we look to make sense of Adobe/Figma, the EU AI Act, the Xfinity/Citrix hack, autonomous vehicles, and the problematic/promising future of open source AI. I also pick highlights from our year in 2023 analysis, along with a PR whiff for the ages - and on we go.

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