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New ESG regulations will have a big impact on tech and service firms - here's why This article is sponsored by:

New SEC regs concerning climate change and more have finally materialized. These requirements will challenge software vendors, accounting professionals and more. Scope 1 and 2 are now required and Scope 3 gets a pass for now (sort of). Here’s the quick assessment.


US Executive Order promises privacy progress This article is sponsored by:

The US Government has launched a multipronged effort to restrict bulk sensitive personal data collection through a new Executive Order, proposed legislation, and advanced notice of proposed rulemaking. Critics argue it's too little too late. It will, however, shine a fresh light on shortcomings in the substantial data broker industry.

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"The EU AI Act is actually happening, and we are working with customers on this in a constructive way" - Chandler Morse, Workday VP Public Policy, on the challenges of AI regulation This article is sponsored by:

At last week's Innovation Hub gathering in Dublin, Workday executives emphasized the importance of trust in AI adoption and the need for effective regulation.

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