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sap-rss_feed-100 Clearing the clouds around the cloud

The bottom line in considering how to integrate the cloud into your business is this: the cloud is not an either or proposition. Don’t be forced to choose. Demand your cloud, your way. And get it.


oracle-rss_feed-100 Will Database as a Service (DBaaS) be the next big thing?

DBaaS, arguably the next big thing in IT, is gaining converts because it enables businesses to deploy new databases quickly, securely, and cheaply. DBaaS lets you shift your organization from administering complex collections of silos to one powered by an agile and flexible database cloud.


oracle-rss_feed-100 Come together: Social enterprise "friends" IT, marketing

A new survey provides the startling, quantitative proof that businesses are aggressively seeking to capitalize upon social's perceived ability to better connect companies with their consumers, and to provide those potential buyers with improved customer experiences.

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sap-rss_feed-100 Your performance goals need a goal post

Companies need to distinguish between managing performance and actual performing (getting the work done). In other words, performance management isn’t a ‘popularity contest.’ Here's what need to happen.


salesforce-sidebar You'll get the cloud you ask for. So ask wisely!

If you treat the cloud as merely a way to modernize your IT, that's all you'll get. No matter how creatively and competently that modernization is done, it will not be enough. Broadening the perspective requires enlarging the community of stakeholders and lengthening the list of criteria for success.