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CX50 Compact Ultrasound

salesforce-sidebar Pushing and pulling healthcare into the cloud

What has to come is an open health platform and ecosystem, not something defined by only a single vendor or alliance, but by the universal connections that the largest buyers of health services will demand from their providers to reduce the frictional costs of providing benefits.


salesforce-sidebar Assuring that trust wears well

Iron Man's suit is a “wearable,” a piece of equipment whose user can almost forget that it’s there. The wearer doesn’t fly an airplane, or even fly the suit. The wearer just…flies. Isn’t that what we want from all of our tools?

salesforce-sidebar From contest to context: now that cloud has won

“Cloud?” is no longer a question: rather, “cloud!” has become the new context, in which every institution of society and commerce is asking how it must re-invent its mission. Vertical focus takes the spotlight as global connection becomes the norm.


sap-rss_feed-100 Much ado about Big Data

On my way home from two events this week, I realized I heard the term Big Data bandied about quite liberally. That got me thinking about last year when I opened up a Big Data conference in the valley by saying 'There is no such thing as Big Data.' I think I got the conference organizers more than a bit worried - until I explained to the audience what I meant.


salesforce-sidebar “The cloud” is the place for the customer cyberspace

The economics of the first cloud era were so compelling that it was easy to celebrate the cost savings and call the job done. But the job has barely begun. Difficult as it may be, try to forget everything you’ve ever known about how data is stored and how application programs have been constructed and used.