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Partnering with SAP UK & Ireland User Group

Den Howlett Profile picture for user gonzodaddy July 8, 2013
SAP UK and Ireland User Group asked us to partner with them for media coverage. It would be an understatement to say we're excited. We like user groups that actively support customer interests. This is one such group.

This from the SAP UK and Ireland User Group Tweetstream.

At the risk of sounding like a self congratulatory media whore, riding on the back of a SAPtastic day, I am delighted that the SAP UK and Ireland User Group approached us to partner with them for media coverage. Why?

In my experience this is one of the very few user groups that punches well above its weight. It makes sure SAP is publicly aware of topics that matter to its user constiutuency. In past years, I have watched as SAP executives (sometimes) squirm while user group leaders document the areas where SAP needs to do better. While that might be entertaining in the short term what matters are the outcomes.

SAP UK&I UG were among the first of the SAP user groups to hold SAP's feet to the fire in 2008 when the company embarked on an ill thought through maintenance price hike. More recently they've asked pointed questions about the value SAP delivers and question the murky world of SAP licensing. In essence, SAP UK&I UG acts as the testing conduit between SAP and its customers in the British and Irish geography, often acting as antidote to some of the more sycophantic coverage I see in the name of user groups. It is an important role and one we should celebrate.

As always in these situations, there is a fine line to navigate between public critique and the desire to achieve mutually agreeable outcomes. In discussions we sometimes have to veer between public and private conversations as topics unfold. It is a line that the user group treads with great care. We appreciate and honor that.

What can you expect? We want to bring you video and written content from the show that focuses on user experience. Our aim is always to show the best of the best and we know from past experience that there are some fantastic examples of how technology makes a quantum difference. Above everything we want to surface the topics that matter to the buyer. We will also include a 'show close' video that captures the impressions of those who attend the event.

Watch this space as the agenda unfolds. We will provide events previews to help readers contextualize their conversations at the event.

Rock on ;)

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