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Hospitality CFOs serve up finance-led insights for operational cost savings and scalability This article is sponsored by: workday-logo-1 (1)

A mindset of 'We’ll get it done' is not enough to succeed in the competitive hospitality sector any more, argues Workday's John Hugo. Hospitality CFOs are turning to modern systems to unify data for better planning and forecasting.

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Organizational agility requires modern planning tools and a growth mindset This article is sponsored by: workday-logo-1 (1)

Businesses have been forced to react, make decisions and evolve in ways they never would’ve expected. Workday CFO Barbara Larson discusses the pressure to run scenarios about the financial implications of those decisions - and why doing nothing is no longer the safe choice.

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Formula 1 goes full-throttle on digital acceleration This article is sponsored by: workday-logo-1 (1)

Rather than chugging to a halt, Formula 1 put its foot to the floor - accelerating infrastructure and cybersecurity plans during lockdown. Workday’s Subarna Ganguly talks to F1’s Chris Roberts about the twists and turns of such a high speed journey.

Formula 1 car accelerating at high speed © Abed Ismail - Unsplash
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