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Is Log4j relevant to ERP managers? Yes, and we should prepare for the next security hack now This article is sponsored by: Avantra logo

Log4j pushed systems, customers and ERP managers to their limits. Brenton O'Callaghan and the team at Avantra share their helpful answers to some burning questions for SAP operations teams on the security crisis - both in the short term, and to stay ahead of future vulnerabilities.

Security vulnerability Log4J detected on the notebook © Alexander Limbach - Shutterstock

Time for an ERP automation wake-up call - five keys to automating your ERP landscape This article is sponsored by: Avantra logo

Heads up, ERP operations leaders and professionals. Brenton O'Callaghan of Avantra has a wake-up call for you: automating SAP landscapes is not a wish list item. If you're not doing it now, it's time. Here's his five keys to getting it right.

Wake up alarm clock Here and now, unfortunately, ends my journey on Pixabay © Pixabay

Dear CIO - get off your ERP island This article is sponsored by: Avantra logo

For too long, the ERP team (and its data) has been marooned. John Appleby of Avantra explains why now is the time for CIOs to bring ERP off the island - and into true workflow automation. The burning question: can AIOps help?

Businessman standing on island surrounded by stormy ocean © ESB Professional
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