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Building for the future - why modern technology is mightier than pen and paper This article is sponsored by: acumatica logo 290x73

Obviously, software is better than pen and paper, but in turn, legacy systems are inadequate for the construction industry. Joel Hoffman of Acumatica explores two examples that demonstrate why cloud-based ERP software offers capabilities unmatched by legacy systems.

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Retailers - it's time to get better visibility into your supply chain This article is sponsored by: acumatica logo 290x73

Consumers have become so accustomed to the ease of buying products that it's now the new norm. Businesses running on cobbled solutions can't keep up. Acumatica's Josh Fischer breaks down three areas where industry cloud ERP brings needed visibility to the retail supply chain.

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Why ESG, and why now? New data reveals how companies can meet ESG demands - and innovate supply chain management This article is sponsored by: acumatica logo 290x73

Environmental, social and governance measures are now a high priority for consumers - but are organizations ready to deliver? Todd Wells of Acumatica shares three ways that IT leaders can achieve their ESG goals.

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The power of a developer community – you can’t succeed in cloud ERP without one This article is sponsored by: acumatica logo 290x73

Most companies still have a divide between business users and developers. Is that why so few cloud ERP shows have hackathons? Acumatica platform evangelist Mark Franks shares how to energize developers and bring business users into the mix - from hackathons to online engagement.


The modern VAR - it's time to transition from professional services to a 21st century business model This article is sponsored by: acumatica logo 290x73

Every professional services firm will tell you they are modern and built for digital. But the data tells a different story. Acumatica's Geoff Ashley shares eight issues to overcome if you want to be a modern VAR.

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