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Oracle CloudWorld 2023 - achieving lasting success in the cloud

Steve Miranda Profile picture for user smiranda September 15, 2023
As businesses face further pressure to do more with less, how can AI help? Steve Miranda gives a preview of what to expect from Oracle CloudWorld next week.

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Before 2020, I used to talk about the business disruptions caused by Amazon and Netflix, and how businesses were transforming their models. And then, the world changed.

The pandemic ushered in remote work, a surge in digital customer relations, caused economic ambiguities, and changed the rules of global business.

Against this backdrop, businesses are expected to achieve more with less. They must react swiftly to change, ensure customer and employee satisfaction, and pursue growth despite uncertainty. These are universal challenges that confront all businesses regardless of the industry.

As we prepare to host thousands of business leaders in Las Vegas for Oracle CloudWorld 2023, we are laser focused on helping our customers navigate these challenges.

Updates to solve today’s challenges

At CloudWorld, we’ll be unveiling new generative AI features that help businesses increase productivity and enhance customer and employee experiences. Our approach involves embedding traditional and generative AI directly in HR, finance, supply chain, and customer experience processes so organizations can quickly gain value while respecting customers' data, privacy, and security.

Last year, we introduced Oracle B2B (with initial partners, JP Morgan Payments and FedEx), which aims to remove friction from B2B transactions, automate end-to-end business processes, and deliver a consumer-like e-commerce experience. Next week, we will announce further investments in Oracle B2B and the addition of new partners that are helping to further improve the accuracy and efficiency of B2B transactions.

One industry that has seen a tremendous amount of change is healthcare. Staffing challenges, unpredictable demand, and high administrative costs have put a massive strain on the healthcare industry. We’ll be announcing new HR, finance, planning, and supply chain capabilities, designed to help healthcare organizations adapt, meet volatile customer demand, and improve patient care.

Finally, we’ll unveil new analytics and data intelligence capabilities that deliver better AI-driven insights and enable customers to take immediate action.

Oracle is the only technology vendor that offers both a full suite of enterprise cloud applications and a next-generation cloud infrastructure specifically designed to run them. This unique combination creates a continuous feedback loop that drives a rapid innovation cycle and powers new capabilities to increase productivity, automate end-to-end business processes, improve decision making, and reduce the cost of doing business.

Helping customers navigate change

We keep our customers and their success at the heart of everything that we do, and CloudWorld attendees will hear from some of our most inspirational customers. For example:

Frances Chao, group vice president of Enterprise Business Systems at Providence, will discuss how her team handled the massive disruption during the pandemic, yet still managed to deploy new ERP, HCM and SCM solutions. Providence has since made significant strides in lessening the administrative burden on caregivers and delivering a better patient experience.

Craig Halterman, the chief information officer at Cohu, will talk about Cohu’s pivotal role in the high-tech and semiconductor industry. With Oracle's help across ERP, SCM, and CX, Craig and his team have been able to integrate their acquisitions much faster, without sacrificing the effectiveness of the business.

Finally, Tatiana Sumina, executive vice president and program director for Oracle Cloud at Royal KPN, will share her journey with Oracle, and KPN’s decision to transition from a heavily customized EBS system to Oracle Cloud ERP, EPM, HCM, and SCM for the entire company.

Oracle's combination of state-of-the-art technology and human expertise, all driven by a customer-first mindset, allows us to help business leaders turn aspirations into accomplishments. Our rapidly growing Fusion Applications community, including Oracle Cloud Customer Connect, supports customers throughout their partnership with Oracle and continues to be a valuable source of feedback and ideas for new features.

My team and I cannot wait to see you at Oracle CloudWorld 2023!

Unable to make to Las Vegas? No problem, you can join the virtual event by signing up for CloudWorld On Air.

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