Oracle to add 1,000 sales reps in EMEA to support cloud growth

Profile picture for user ddpreez By Derek du Preez July 17, 2017
Shortly after the enterprise vendor pleased Wall Street in the latest quarter with its cloud growth, Oracle announces a recruitment drive in EMEA.

Oracle is planning to add 1,000 new sales reps across the EMEA region by January 2018, in order to support its ongoing growth in cloud bookings.

The announcement follows the supplier’s recent Q4 results, which saw its stock market valuation top $200 billion for the first time, as Wall Street was pleased with the company’s 66% year-on-year growth in cloud revenues.

For the quarter, Oracle reported net income of $3.23 billion on total revenue of $10.9 billion, up 3% year-on-year. Total cloud revenues were $1.4 billion, up 66% from last year. SaaS revenues have now passed the $1 billion mark, bolstered by the NetSuite acquisition, whilst PaaS and IaaS revenue for the quarter were $403 million, up 45% from last year.

Speaking to diginomica ahead of the announcement, Dermot O’Kelly, SVP for Oracle UK, Ireland and Israel, said that the recruitment drive is a direct result of the company’s ongoing push into the cloud market. He said:

We are recruiting 1,000 new sales reps across EMEA. The simple reason why we are doing this is that we have got a lot more to offer customers and because of our growth in cloud over the last year. If you saw our results, we see them as extremely positive, and certainly the market reacted in an extremely positive way to them.

It’s not just the amount of revenue we are doing, it’s the growth rates we are experiencing. They make us the fasted growing, scaled cloud company and gives us real promise for where we are going in the next year with this. We think it’s because of this diversity of offering that we have, which we have characterised as being the whole of the stack.”

We’d love to be able to hire them all by January 2018, that’s the target. So it’s going to be an aggressive hiring across the region. We are very positive about it, we think it reflects well on the business, it reflects well on our position and our strategy going forward. And we hope we will reap the benefit of the investment we are putting into our business.

It means business

Oracle has said that it is interested in candidates from a variety of backgrounds, with two to six years work experience. Those interested in applying can visit the Oracle ‘Change Happens Here’ website, for some insight into the vacancies available.

O’Kelly said that Oracle isn’t breaking down how many candidates will be hired in each area of the region, as it sees the number of recruits it wants to bring on board by January 2018 as “fairly aggressive”. As a result, he added, the company doesn’t want to restrict itself by putting quotas for each country, but instead will adapt to the recruits applying.

However, what the supplier is saying, is that it would like candidates that have some experience in lines of business, rather than just technology - with particular focus on human resources, marketing, recruitment, finance and supply chain.

O’Kelly said:

We are trying to look at as many people as possible. We want to look at people that have got experience in HR, marketing and recruitment, as well as people that have had some IT background as well. We are trying to widen the net and get as a diverse recruitment pool as we possibly can.

With the new recruits, they are already a bit tech savvy anyway. So it’s becoming a greater asset to have some business experience, because usually they come with a reasonable degree of technology knowledge anyway.

Finally, O’Kelly added that the new recruits will be focused on selling across the Oracle portfolio - i.e. IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. However, he said that whilst the sales people will inevitably be selling to the install base, they will also be focusing on new markets and customers. O’Kelly said:

You’ll probably be a bit unsurprised that the answer is both [old and new customers]. What we have noticed with the SaaS applications, is that it’s opened up a whole new raft of customers to us. The barrier of price comes right down when you are just paying for it as a service. The other thing that we’ve noticed, particularly in the UK, is that we’ve become more attractive to the start-up community.

It does open up a lot of new marketplace to us, which is why we want to hire more people to go and address that. But we are in a fantastic position in that we have a huge amount of customers already out there using Oracle and we should be best positioned to help them make that journey to the cloud, with Oracle.