How National FFA achieved value from Rimini Street

Den Howlett Profile picture for user gonzodaddy April 20, 2014
Cost savings and bundled customizations support was a winning combination

As mentioned last week, I recorded a video conversation with a Rimini Street customer. On this occasion, Joel Gibbons, IT director at National FFA was kind enough to get into the hot seat.

He says that apart from the 50% cost savings they were able to achieve, "The thing that swung it for us was the support for customizations to our Peoplesoft implementation for...some of the things that we do and that was not supported previously."

I can't think of any organization that does not want to save software maintenance support costs but to also get customizations supported is a huge bonus. In this case, it has meant that IT has been able to retain the essential talent it needs in order to build the tools that help its 580,000 students get the education they need.

Bonus points: in this second video, Seth Ravin, CEO Rimini Street discusses the detail behind the recent cloud services announcement. Herer also is the Rimini Street playlist for those interested in consuming all three videos in a single sitting.

Disclosure: Rimini Street is a partner at time of writing

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