Nandos, Snickers, Bud Light and McDonalds chomp on Suarez biting antics

Profile picture for user gonzodaddy By Den Howlett June 24, 2014
Major food brands use Suarez latest unsportsmanlike behavior to pimp their own brands via Twitter. Is this right? Some social media people think it is worse than distasteful, it's shoddy. But then the number of retweets and favorites would suggest otherwise.

Nando's the South African based restaurant chain restaurant gave some folk fresh reasons to dislike them. They're not alone. Snickers, Bud Light and even the Uraguayan arm of McDonalds are seeking to cash in.

I usually find Nandos service to be shoddy and the food itself barely warm. But then others disagree, rating Nandos highly for avoiding the more egregious sins of fast(er) food outlet chains. Some of my family swear by them as a standby.

The above Tweet, designed to take advantage of footballer Luis Suarez's latest biting incident, is hardly in the best of taste (sic) for a restaurant chain. Paul Fabretti, was positively outraged, describing it as:

Oh god, more 'real-time' opportunistic cheap shot bollocks social media. FFS, can't someone fine these brands????

Fabretti is a Digital and Social Media Lead at Telefonica so one can assume he knows a thing or two about these things.

nandos suarez
This is not the first time Nandos has taken advantage of Suarez less than sportsmanlike behavior to pimp their brand. In April 2013 they pulled a similar stunt. (see image right) At the time, Suarez was reported to have said:

Luis Suarez has admitted he “completely lost it” when he sank his teeth into Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic.

Speaking on national television in his home country of Uruguay, striker Suarez confessed he was out of his mind when he carried out the savage attack - and has no explanation for his actions.

Quite what his excuse is on this occasion remains to be heard.

Even so, you have to wonder what next for social media advertising in a digital world where privacy is being touted as an illusion and pretty much anything goes. It seems Nandos believes that a repeating of last time's efforts is warranted and they may yet be proven right - however distasteful Fabretti and others find such things.

It doesn't get any better. Snickers have joined in the action with this Tweet:

Not to be outdone, Bud Light comes up with this:

McDonalds Uruguay settles for a simple text Tweet:

Are these tactics working? Apparently so.

At the time of writing, the McDonalds effort is way out in front with 55K retweets and 19K favorites, Nandos has racked up more than 26K retweets and 13K favorites, Snickers grabbed 20K retweets and 8.6K favorites while Bud Light trails with a miserly 629 retweets and 638 favorites.

It will be interesting to see how the brands measure success. With the exception of Nandos, where I saw a good number of 'now you're making me feel hungry' responses, most comments - and there are comparatively few given the number of retweets and favoriting - imply that people find the whole thing little more than amusing. Some think it is smart marketing but given the copycat nature of these 'campaigns' I tend to the view they are one step up from brain dead and opportunistic in the most cynical sense.

But then I suppose it really is all a matter of taste.

But then I also wonder if Suarez is gnashing his teeth. All this apparent attention achieved at his expense and he won't see a penny for his 'efforts.' That's gotta hurt.

Images via Nandos Tweetstream