McKinsey's future customer is a duck

Den Howlett Profile picture for user gonzodaddy May 4, 2013
McKinsey's vision of digital marketing is compelling at first sight. But when you look closely it is fatally flawed. Even so, there may be other use cases that can be added to the mix. Can you think of some?

mckinsey fail
My good friend and self stlyed innovation historian Vinnie Mirchandani highlights:

McKinsey's vision of how digital marketing will evolve

I really want to like this idea because it talks to the intelligent use of many technologies. Unfortunately, it is fatally flawed. Check the image above.

The flaw comes in two, possibly three parts:

  1. How many young people are likely to wear a pair of headphones to a nightclub? Isn't the idea that clubbers hear what the DJ is playing, not what's being streamed to them via a service?
  2. Assuming you could tempt people to do this, can you imagine (say) a group of people all turning up wearing the same thing, even if it is in different colors? If memory serves, being young means (among other things) being individual.  This vision conjures thoughts of Peabody ducks
  3. What about the potential to lose such an item? How would you secure the device?

What do you think? What else could become part of McKinsey's vision? How else might these ideas be extended? I can think of at least one: in-flight offers.

Image courtesy of New Florence, New Renaissance

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