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Enterprise hits and misses - office workers Zoom into video fatigue, big tech chases connected cars, and Meta scores a (rare) metaverse win This article is sponsored by:

This week - knowledge workers are back in the office: to do video calls and virtual meetings. Big tech doubles down on connected cars, while Meta nabs a metaverse deal with Microsoft. Fall events roll on, and fake employees make the whiffs section.


Does cloud ERP provide a hedge against economic uncertainty? Acumatica CEO John Case weighs in, as the R2 release comes out This article is sponsored by:

Acumatica's R2 release virtual event is tomorrow - time to speak to Acumatica's CEO about what's changed. That provokes the question: can cloud ERP help companies in an economic downturn? Let's dig in.

John Case, Acumatica CEO

Here's how manufacturers are taking the first step into outcome-based services This article is sponsored by: ServiceMaxLogo-PrimaryBlueGreen

For many manufacturing organizations, there isn’t an explicit demand for outcome-based services - but the tide is turning. Sumair Dutta of ServiceMax shares how and where customers are looking to their manufacturing and service partners for outcomes.

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Manufacturers are embracing the ESG imperative - now they must find the technology to bring it to life This article is sponsored by: IFS logo

Manufacturing executive teams need an ERP system that goes beyond compliance to satisfy ESG-related demands. Christian Pedersen shares key takeaways from the latest IFS sustainability report on the important enablers.

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