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Vendors and buyers

We welcome enquiries from vendors who are interested in diginomica.com's partner model. We also welcome end user inquiries where the end user needs help or advice about vendor validation, solution selection, buyer contracts and implementation proposals. Our extended family of consultants all have many years experience in enterprise software, bringing real world solutions to the buyer table.


Please note - we do NOT offer advertising so please don't ask what our advertising model is. We don't have one. We don't have a media pack either. We partner with companies for content that we manage and control. If that doesn't fit your client's business model then please don't contact us.

If your client needs lead generation facilities, point them to Google or LinkedIn but not us. 


If you are a PR, please note we don't work with PRs as content leads so please don't ask.

We ask that PRs respect our terms of engagement and treat us like the professionals we are.

Please do not send us unsolicited press releases, 'reach out' to us, 'gauge our interest,' offer 'news' under embargo, supply what you think is great content of any kind or put us on a mailing list which you have acquired. Neither do we take unsolicited 'guest posts' under any conditions. We already have hundreds of well established information sources and if there is a topic in which we are interested then the chances are that we will find you. Please also note that we actively blacklist individuals and agencies who don't respect our terms of engagement and insist on spamming us with content about which we don't care.


If you are a vendor marketer, please don't ask if we do content marketing. We don't - at least not in the conventional sense of that expression. We are in the business of buyer engagement and while that has a content marketing component, it's a different way of viewing content from that which you may be used to seeing. If you want to get a better understanding how this works then please review our Partner pages where you can find content examples. Please also note that we don't take unsolicited 'guest' posts, 'thought leadership' pieces, infographics, links to videos or any other content you think is OK under any circumstances.