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Please welcome Jessica Twentyman to the diginomica family

diginomica team Profile picture for user The Team November 19, 2013
Jessica Twentyman has agreed to becoming a diginomica contributing editor. We're thrilled because she has exactly the right set of qualities and experience we need and which we believe readers will appreciate. Please join us in welcoming her.

We're pleased to announce that Jessica Twentyman is joining diginomica as a contributing editor.

In talking with Dreamforce attendees who know her, it is clear we've made a great choice. Everyone I have spoken with has applauded our decision. Apart from increasing the headcount 20% in one go, Jess brings with her a wealth of deep enterprise experience that we believe customers appreciate.

Jessica adds a good 15 years' content creation experience in the enterprise space, bringing our 'age' count to a total of 145 years. That's vitally important to readers who want content that reflects a genuine seasoning in the analysis we offer.

She enjoys a solid reputation at the CXO level among end user organizations where her ability to get into the boardroom is on a par with the very best. Jessica is often a 'first pick' to meet high ranking corporate officers across a broad spectrum of industries.

We know from past experience that Jessica is a real professional in all aspects of her work and cares deeply about the written word. We admire that quality.

Finally, Jessica is an all around decent person. That matters for the kind of business we're trying to build, the relationships we want to have and the trust we have to work upon each and every day.

What's she going to do? We want to up our game in the end user story department as a way of surfacing stories that talk to value delivering outcomes and lessons that can be passed on for the benefit of everyone. We want stories that inspire judicious technology use. That's where Jessica fits in neatly.

Between now and the turn of the year, Jessica will be researching and refining her first batch of stories. After that, we're off to the races.

So with that - please join us in welcoming Jessica.

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