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Facebook likes Telcos - duh? This article is sponsored by:

How are some of the major telcos making out on Facebook? If this random assessment of six vendors including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Vodafone Spain and India, Three UK and O2 are representative then it's far from good.

vinnie om verizon

SAP's partner paradox - race to the cloud This article is sponsored by:

The SAP Americas Partner Leadership Summit in Miami brought SAP's confrontation with the cloud to a head. For an event not intended for hard news junkies, there were big stories for those willing to read the writing in the sand.


Skills gap saps SaaS success rate This article is sponsored by:

Cloud application vendors argue that their apps are so easy-to-use and rapid to deploy that there's very little call on professional services to implement them. But that attitude may be leading enterprises to under-invest in the skills and effort needed to realize the business results they hope to achieve.

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