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The year of the mainframe? Here we go again, but wedding bells between BMC and Compuware might make a difference this time around This article is sponsored by:

After year of 'living in sin', BMC and long-time partner Compuware are taking the next step and the consequences for the 'not dead yet' mainframe market could be significant.


Still rife with ethical issues, data sharing has a bright side too This article is sponsored by:

Data brokers and personal data collection continues to cross ethical lines. But there are bright spots - including supply chain data sharing startup Aperity. I talked with their CEO about how their approach is different, and why AI and machine learning play a crucial data processing role.

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Enterprise hits and misses - the future of work vs mental health, Macy's vs reality, and AI vs enterprise results This article is sponsored by:

This week - employers are pushing to re-open, but the future of work brings a slew of new issues. AI gets an enterprise reality check, while Macy's takes glass-half-full to a digital extreme. The diginomica team rounds up one more wave of virtual events. Plus: an epic "AI" whiff.


SAS Global Forum  - democratize your data, says CEO Jim Goodnight, it needs to meet the right people This article is sponsored by:

Well-established business practices like flattening management structures and shortening chains of command in decision-making are pointless if access to the lifeblood of those processes – data – is still highly structured and restricted.

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As cyber-criminals get more cunning, enterprise security must get smarter, with AI-augmented software as a weapon of choice This article is sponsored by:

As cyber-attackers up their game, there's a growing technology need for email and collaboration security products that employ AI to block phishing and malware attacks.


More resilience, more digital, more agility, more sustainability - the knock-on business demands from COVID-19, according to Schneider Electric CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire This article is sponsored by:

COVID-19 has accelerated operational focus in a number of key areas for Schneider Electric's industrial customers. What comes next?


Why corporate values count - Salesforce's Marc Benioff and Workday's Aneel Bhusri on the crisis challenges of COVID-19, racial equality and leadership This article is sponsored by:

The CEOs of Salesforce and Workday reflect on the perfect storm of crises afflicting 2020 and the role demanded of business to provide leadership based on sound corporate values.

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