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Stop looking under the lamp post This article is sponsored by: salesforce-sidebar

Overwhelming amounts of data can turn into overwhelming misinformation, says Peter Coffee of Salesforce – especially if there’s a confirmation bias in play, where too many of the people asking questions are all expecting (or even hoping for) the same result.


Digital skills amidst bots and services - a diginomica best-of This article is sponsored by:

At diginomica, we like to grapple with digital skills and services industry disruptions. We often find ourselves in the middle of debates over the gig economy or work futures. Here's my hand-picked best-of from our coverage of "The new professional and IT as a service."


HPE's last hurrah or a new beginning? This article is sponsored by:

New technologies and new architectures from HPE? A system designed for in-memory processing, using newly architected non-volatile memory chips, is certainly worth more than a second glance. And if it does achieve more than be a better home for SAP HANA, then the old stager may yet gain a whole new lease of life.


Can you recruit for diversity with machine learning? A provocative chat with HiringSolved This article is sponsored by:

Sometimes PR pitches gone wrong turn right. This one did. A chat on AI recruiting trends turned into a provocative discussion on machine learning ethics. CEO Shon Burton made his case for how HiringSolved helps to recruit diverse candidates - but he didn't duck the difficult AI issues.

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