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Can Graphcore's new processor change AI and high performance computing? A closer look at Graphcore's Good Computer plans This article is sponsored by:

UK-based Graphcore has announced that it will deliver, by 2024, the world's first "ultra-intelligence AI computer" - called the Good Computer. Here's a deeper look at what they're planning, and the implications.

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Enterprise hits and misses - AI adoption gets scrutinized, enterprise tech faces the headwinds, and ChatGTP freaks people out This article is sponsored by:

This week - AI adoption hits higher levels, but has ethics kept up? Enterprise vendors face the economic headwinds, with mixed results. ChatGPT provokes AI hyperbole, but the threat may be real. I concede an interesting blockchain use case, and go viral for the wrong reasons.


Enterprise hits and misses - Cyber Monday rocks (kind of), Salesforce shakes it up, and enterprise blockchain stumbles This article is sponsored by:

This week - Cyber Monday brings decent numbers, but not globally. Salesforce has a quarter to remember, with Bret Taylor out. AWS re:Invent is in the books, but I'm waiting on good analysis. Enterprise blockchain hits snags, and I go off - on that and the Metaverse.

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