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Nutanix .NEXT - the platform expands, but is the channel ready to fill the Bucket? This article is sponsored by:

The future for many businesses will be a hybrid mix with a range of different cloud services and service providers that will need to work together. This is a role custom-made for channel partners to exploit, but they need to be ready, and maybe they ain’t...

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Enterprise hits and misses - an eventful week to remember, and a Thingamy who won't be forgotten This article is sponsored by:

This week - we take on one of the nuttiest event weeks of the silly season, inundating you with our best stuff across time zones. And, I pay tribute to one of the best enterprise instigators and thorny questions specialists that ever thwarted a press conference. As always: your whiffs.

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What SAP needs to accomplish at SAPPHIRENow 2019 and beyond - SAP community leaders air it out This article is sponsored by:

On the eve of a critically important SAPPHIRENow event, I asked some of SAP's most respected - and opinionated - community leaders to give their views on what SAP needs to accomplish this week, and beyond. The role of ASUG is also addressed.


Enterprise hits and misses - voice search is here, but so are digital duopolies This article is sponsored by:

This week - voice search isn't waiting for the enterprise. Also: why CEOs can't delegate AI responsibility. Fresh looks at digital transformation contrast with digital duopolies. Your whiffs include: mocking open offices, and a new low for dynamic personalization.

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