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Enterprise hits and misses - retailers transform for anxious consumers as the virtual event silly season peaks This article is sponsored by:

This week - retailers share transformation lessons, but can they keep pace with anxious consumers? And: contrasting views on AI innovation sharpen our views. Virtual event season peaks; we bring you the highs and lows. As always, your whiffs.


Pandemic disruption and economic crisis are reshuffling IT priorities - what types of tech benefit from increased investment? This article is sponsored by:

Drilling down on some IT changes caused by the pandemic, including budget cuts, increased use of cloud and interest in AI software and SCM in light of this year's disruption in supply chains.


Meet the Anxious Consumer - omni-channel retail's new target demographic as stores come out of COVID-19 shutdown This article is sponsored by:

Physical stores are beginning to re-open around the world, but for omni-channel retailers the challenges of operating post-COVID-19 are only just beginning. Go digital and innovate is the clarion call.

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