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Enterprise hits and misses - site outages are a culture problem, and the AI jobs debate takes a practical turn This article is sponsored by:

This week - are site outages about leadership and culture, not just tech? And the AI jobs debate is rekindled, but with some practical skills advice. Return-to-office versus remote work won't go away, and AI service chatbots get whiffy.


Behind the Oracle Cloud SCM news - how do cloud applications help customers address logistics visibility? This article is sponsored by:

Oracle just released a host of new Cloud SCM logistics features, including new modeling and automation functions. But how do cloud applications change logistics? How are we addressing the visibility issues that have plagued customers in search of real-time tracking? Here's what Oracle's Srini Rajagopal had to say.

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AI in practice - Celonis’ VP of Digital Transformation shares how AI can support system and process change right here, right now This article is sponsored by:

Wanting to ground AI in reality for buyers, Kerry Brown, Celonis’ VP of Digital Transformation, talks us through some examples of how AI can be applied to support system transformation today.

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The never-ending story - Dynatrace takes on data wrangling in an age of gen AI This article is sponsored by:

Moving, managing and wrangling data in the new age of AI is now even more important, given the volumes that have to be moved, the speed at which AI solutions can work and the potential for disaster that follows if there is anything seriously wrong with the data being used. This was the focus of the latest Dynatrace Perform conference.

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