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Workday Rising '23 - Workday reveals its approach to generative AI and customer data privacy This article is sponsored by:

At Workday Rising, you couldn't miss the emphasis on responsible AI. But how much would Workday reveal about its generative AI approach? What about pricing, customer data privacy, opt-ins, and LLM accuracy? Here's what I learned.

Workday leadership team at Workday Rising

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Accenture's full year generative AI revenues come in at $300 million out of a $64.1 billion total. There's a long way to go, says CEO Julie Sweet This article is sponsored by:

Gen AI revenue has doubled in the past quarter, but projects are typically experimental and there's a lot of caution alongside the curiosity.


Cloud World 23 - Oracle addresses the hot questions on generative AI pricing, customer data, and where SIs fit in This article is sponsored by:

As Oracle CloudWorld 2023 kicked off, important questions about Oracle's generative AI strategy had not been publicly addressed. But via keynotes and sessions for media/analysts, that changed. Here's what I learned on crucial questions for AI customers, from data privacy to pricing.

Larry Ellison speaking at Oracle CloudWorld 23 © Oracle

Enterprise hits and misses - Cisco splurges on Splunk, enterprise LLMs get a gut check, and Oracle doubles down on healthcare (and AI) This article is sponsored by:

This week - Cisco pays a premium for Splunk, but why? Enterprise LLMs get a debunking - and a progress report. Fall events roll on, with Oracle CloudWorld reviews and analysis to peruse.

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