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The perils of automation complacency This article is sponsored by:

Automation complacency is emerging as a risk in the rush towards letting technology take over a variety of tasks. The recent car fatality involving a Tesla that was on autopilot is an extreme example but there are plenty of others.


Reviewing the future for Bazaarvoice This article is sponsored by:

With the DoJ off its corporate back, Bazaarvoice hopes for a high growth future based on consumer generated content and Shopper Advertising campaigns. But there's a long way to go yet to get back on track.


Enterprise hits and misses - big data falls and rises, Facebook's AI chatbot stirs the enterprise This article is sponsored by:

In this edition - big data's fall from grace, and the viable use cases on the other side. And: can the GPU optimized database shake up RDBMS *and* Hadoop? Plus: how Facebook's AI chatbot stole the enterprise media for a week. Hubspot airs it out (and gets aired). Your whiffs include dangerous selfies, encryption stupor, and the music biz bottoms out.

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