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Enterprise hits and misses - big data falls and rises, Facebook's AI chatbot stirs the enterprise This article is sponsored by:

In this edition - big data's fall from grace, and the viable use cases on the other side. And: can the GPU optimized database shake up RDBMS *and* Hadoop? Plus: how Facebook's AI chatbot stole the enterprise media for a week. Hubspot airs it out (and gets aired). Your whiffs include dangerous selfies, encryption stupor, and the music biz bottoms out.

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Will the IoT will be the second coming of the Time-And-Motion-Man? This article is sponsored by:

It is probably just an `age’ thing, but a conversation with SAP CTO, Irfan Khan, closes off some concerns about the potential for negative human impact from IoT use at work and instead points to good synergy between companies and employees, rather a revival of the `Time-And-Motion’ man.

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