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Report - Workers fear that they’re being replaced by robots and are worried that their employers aren’t helping them to adapt This article is sponsored by:

A new Commission on Workers and Technology has been created in the UK to help challenge the government, employers and trade unions on issues around automation and AI.

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Altify - augmented intelligence can improve sales effectiveness This article is sponsored by:

Throwing tech at salespeople and hoping for adoption is a classic enterprise mistake. But as Barb Mosher Zinck explains, Altify is working to change that. How? By integrating sales methodology into their tools, and linking sales and marketing. Then add augmented intelligence.


Enterprise hits and misses - Autonomous AI is scary, Slack buys (parts of) Atlassian This article is sponsored by:

This week - Slack screws up my hits and misses deadline by buying parts of Atlassian. Plus: why AI is both scary *and* practical. Oh, and look out for CX washing. Your whiffs include... a multi-tenant Zebra? Plus, turnabout is fair, so Den grills (and gets grilled).

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