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Enterprise hits and misses - sustainability goes open source, and bring on the generative AI customer service debate This article is sponsored by:

This week - the generative AI customer service debate has arrived - with the sensational headlines to match. Let's parse. Enterprise AI risks and potentials are laid out, while our event analysis rolls on. Your whiffs include bad designs, and ChatGPT lawyers.


Enterprise hits and misses - retailers search for their omni-channel swagger, and generative AI is everywhere as enterprise event season hits fever pitch This article is sponsored by:

This week - Walmart and Target seek that elusive omni-channel balance, but with different results. Toxic workplaces remain an impediment to talent retention. Enterprise event season hits a supersonic pace - and the diginomica team fans out to sort the substance from the AI hype festival.

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We thought you might like this! Phrasee discusses the risks of over-personalizing marketing content This article is sponsored by:

Amidst the seemingly incessant drive toward hyper-personalization in marketing, we spoke to Jasper Pye, VP of Product at AI Marketing firm Phrasee, about what they call ‘Creative Impersonalization’, and how hyper-specific user experiences driven by flawed third-party data might alienate rather than engage.

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