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HR month in review - February 2024 This article is sponsored by:

2024 continues to deliver a bumper crop of HR, return to office and related topics. But culture, employee experience, and empathetic leadership seem to be AWOL. Let’s dive into the best ideas of the month.


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Sage Transform 2024 - "end the monthly close" raises the stakes - but does AI bring real-time finance within reach? This article is sponsored by:

Sage Transform 2024 is just at the halfway point, but there is plenty of news to drill into - starting with Sage's Copilot. But I think the issues go deeper, into the jugular possibility of eliminating finance admin. Is that even possible? And does AI account for this year's shift in tone?

Steve Hare keynoting at Sage Transform 2024

"The EU AI Act is actually happening, and we are working with customers on this in a constructive way" - Chandler Morse, Workday VP Public Policy, on the challenges of AI regulation This article is sponsored by:

At last week's Innovation Hub gathering in Dublin, Workday executives emphasized the importance of trust in AI adoption and the need for effective regulation.

Image of a chalk board with writing on that says ‘Know the Rules’

Policy researchers propose KYC for AI – could improve export controls, but also stifle innovation. This article is sponsored by:

Researchers propose governments consider know-your-customer (KYC) for training AI foundation models. This might improve export controls and AI safety and subsidize academic AI. It also risks complicating AI innovation and facilitating regulatory capture that stifles competition.


Enterprise hits and misses - AI's security risks get a wake-up call, Walmart raises the e-commerce stakes, and Google Gemini steps in it This article is sponsored by:

This week - AI poses security risks beyond the scope of most enterprise IT teams. Google Gemini takes a PR beating, but what can enterprises learn from gen AI guardrails-gone-wrong? Your whiffs include a supersized dose of ChatGPT aimed at McDonald's.


ZohoDay 2024 - how Zoho plans to integrate LLMs and smaller language models to get a better (and cheaper) AI result This article is sponsored by:

ZohoDay 2024 surfaced fascinating details on Zoho's generative AI strategy - by integrating a range of language models in the same workflows. What does this mean to customers? And is this approach consistent with Zoho's tech philosophy? Grab your beverage of choice and let's dig in.

 Zoho's Raju Vegesna at ZohoDay 2024
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