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How Moore’s Law helps Pure Storage offer users a 'Pure Pays' option This article is sponsored by:

Pure Storage’s commitment to solid state data storage technologies means that its customers can take advantage of new pricing options, where it becomes possible that the vendor may pay for some of the service costs. This is because of the way semiconductor chips go down in price and energy consumption, but up in capacity.

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A little bit of history repeating - Comcast's marketing redefines ‘G’ (again) This article is sponsored by:

Comcast has been called out for advertising its Xfinity 10G service, which is mostly not 10 gigabits. This is not the first time telco marketing departments have reshaped technical definitions. The birth of 4G arose similarly over a decade ago.

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Avoiding Homo Stupidicus - federated design and AI could be an answer to more than nuclear fusion This article is sponsored by:

The UKAEA has given itself a 2040 target to get nuclear fusion energy at least to the state of being a real, workable prospect, and is now working with Intel, Dell and Cambridge University to develop the design environment that will be needed to make this dream a reality.

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