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Las Cumbres Observatory – celestially 'snap-happy’ with Puppet This article is sponsored by:

The Las Cumbres Observatory has cornered a rather specialised market of deep space photography, including taking the important images that proved NASA’s Dart mission worked. But taking images of celestial bodies at any time requires a global network of telescopes, and a level of management and control across them all, of the highest order.

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Superconducting chips that could pack a data center into a shoebox? Here's how This article is sponsored by:

Imec, which coordinates chip fabrication equipment integration, has developed superconducting chips that will put 20 exaflops into a shoebox using existing fabrication technology. They will also reduce power requirements over a hundredfold, which could help lower the barriers to training larger AI models.

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Telling 3D stories about things - learnings from Jared Owen provide digital twins and Industrial Metaverse insights This article is sponsored by:

YouTube superstar Jared Owen talks about what he learned over a decade, telling engaging 3D stories about things. What he has to say has important insights for everyone trying to build better user experiences for digital twins, Industrial Metaverse and spatial computing apps.


A legacy built on 40 years of trust - learnings from Greg Bentley as he steps down as CEO of Bentley Systems This article is sponsored by:

Bentley Systems CEO Greg Bentley discusses the lessons he learned from growing a scrappy startup in the 1980s with his four brothers into one of the world’s largest engineering tools vendors. A key ingredient was growing trust across the company, partners, and the community.


How Luminary is rethinking physics simulation for the cloud This article is sponsored by:

Luminary is rethinking physics simulation workflows spanning GPU clusters from the ground up. The new company hopes the new architecture and business model will impact the simulation industry as much as Snowflake transformed the database industry. This novel approach has important implications for the future of digital twins.


How Cropin is democratizing AI - that's Agricultural Intelligence - without field hardware This article is sponsored by:

Cropin was an early leader in providing a competitive advantage for the food processing industry. Innovations in Artificial Intelligence, satellite imagery, and a crop knowledge graph are democratizing agricultural intelligence for farmers without expensive field hardware.

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