Infosys talks open source, cloud and value

Den Howlett Profile picture for user gonzodaddy August 27, 2015
Open source in the enterprise is now much more than commodity infrastructure like the LAMP stack. It is now helping to solve business critical problems. Infosys discusses how this works for its platform solutions.

Open source software has been the backbone of what constitutes the modern internet for many years. But it is only in recent times that we've seen enterprises actively taking on open source as a deliberate choice, at scale and for business critical functions. Now we are seeing third party consulting organizations taking on open source for their customer solution building.

Last year, when Infosys hired Abdul Razack to own the company's platform division, he came with a mandate to use open source first. Eleven months on and Infosys Information Platform (IIP) is flourishing with 120 projects on the go, some proofs of concept, many moving to production, but with open source at their heart in most situations.

I sat down with Razack to get his take on why this is important and what it means for customers. The recording we made talks to two questions: why open source and what are customers doing?

Brief show notes

It's all about community.

Giving back code to the community.

Focus on Spark.

Solving for minimal viable problems.

Two kinds of thing: niche business problems, things that can be packaged.

Everything translates into value.

Use case: 1% of efficiency translates into $200 million ROI for transportation.

Enterprises don't have the patience to wait seven years for value.

All engagements start with minimal viable problem but can grow through iterations.

Consulting as a Service

I came away from our conversation impressed with the way Infosys is not only articulating customer value, but is also demonstrating that through the stand out examples it chose to discuss. It also speaks volumes that Infosys is serious in taking commitment back to the open source community.

It's also logical that Infosys would use open source to deliver on its promise of price competitive, performant solutions.

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